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Our Kick-Off solutions

In the world of sport, the kick-off is the beginning of the game. In the business world, a kick-off is a meeting to launch a project, a strategy, a new year, a new work organization…

The kick-off is a useful tool for presenting the company, uniting and motivating the troops around it, and making sure that everyone knows which direction to take and why the company project is important.

Deliver strategic messages and content

Discover our solutions to ensure that all participants receive information in a fun and educational way.

Spread the word!

Unite and motivate your teams from the start of the year

Experiences adapted to the Kick-Off format to federate and remotivate your teams after the vacation period. From 30 minutes to 2 hours, combining cohesion, exchanges and challenges, take your pick!

Energize your speeches and interaction with your participants

A Kick-Off without exchanges is not really a Kick-Off.

Energize your speeches, create a climate of discovery and trust, and interact with all your participants – it’s all up to you!

The benefits of a good Kick-Off

Review the company’s background, history and challenges.

Communicate objectives, which must be simple and achievable.

Involve participants in the company project, enabling them to make it their own.

Identify potential obstacles and ways of overcoming them.

Encourage exchanges: this is an opportunity for participants to express their doubts, which both reassures them and enables them to take advantage of different points of view to find solutions.

Answer as many questions as possible, and raise the ones that need answering.

Create a dynamic and trusting climate to ensure that the project runs smoothly.