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“Music softens the soul” You’ve heard this proverb at least once… Music has the ability to soothe an angry person, especially when the melody is gentle.

An experiment has even been tested on the Newcastle subway in England. The rock music played on the stations has been modified by baroque-style music. Security managers have observed a 50% reduction in acts of vandalism and aggression.

Music also helps combat stress and boosts motivation

Are you the nervous type or prone to stress? There’s a playlist of 10 songs that might just do the trick. Click here to find out more.

At a time when 24% of employees report stress at work, music can also influence moods through its effect on hormones.

Sometimes, just one piece is enough to get rid of a low morale.

Music makes us happier, more relaxed, soothes us, improves our mood and even makes us feel closer to each other.

In addition to its anti-stress properties, music increases motivation, especially during a sports session. An experiment was carried out by the University of Liverpool on 12 healthy students. The students all rode exercise bikes for 25 minutes. Some to upbeat music, others to softer melodies. Students who made the effort to faster music performed better than those who pedaled to slower rhythms. Listening to music while running can improve performance by up to 15%.

Running out of imagination? Let the music flow!

A survey conducted by the University of Miami highlighted the creative aspect of listening to music. The finding is that, at work, those who listen to music are more effective and creative in their assignments.

However, certain styles of music become an obstacle to concentration, such as pop or songs with lyrics. Classical or background music is a good choice.

To be more creative, the music must not be too loud, otherwise the brain will be overwhelmed with information to process and won’t be able to think about anything else.

And what’s more, listening to music at a moderate volume preserves our eardrums.

Maestro music!