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Bagel Quiz : Quiz with an offbeat sense of humour

Experience an entertaining team-building adventure.


  • Entertainment
  • Boosting bonds between participants
  • Playful competition

Duration of the activity:

  • 60 minutes


In-person, Remote

The challenge:

Take on the Bagel Quiz challenge: each participant will have to answer fun and entertaining questions via a web application, covering various categories:

  • The Nuggets
  • The Salt or Pepper
  • The Menus
  • The Bill
  • Sudden Death
  • The Bagel of death!

Humor is the DNA of this challenge, bringing teams closer together. The faster the participants are, the more points they will earn!

Who will be the grand finalist to face the Big Bagel of Death?

Questions will be punctuated with “fun facts”. The content can be customized to suit the objectives of the meeting.

This experience can be proposed :

  • as an icebreaker
  • To energize a plenary session
  • To animate your evenings

It is possible to customize the questions according to the objectives and themes of your events.

The details

What is Bagel Quiz?


  • Spend a friendly time together as a team.
  • Get corporate messages across to participants,
  • Experience a fun competition,
  • Celebrating small victories builds a champions morale for your team.

How it works

  • The coach briefs the participants and explains the challenge and some technical details of using the web application.
  • The host starts the game with a large screen displaying the questions.
  • Participants see the questions appear on their phones and vote. As soon as they answer, the results are instantly shared on the screen, and the leaderboard is regularly communicated to the teams.
  • Second round: the winner of the first round tries to win the “Petit Bagel de la Mort” (Little Bagel of Death) and the “Grand Bagel de la Mort” (Big Bagel of Death). To do this, the participant must remember the answers to 10 questions asked by the host. If they remember 5 answers, they win the “Petit Bagel de la Mort” (Little Bagel of Death), and if they remember all 10, they win the “Grand Bagel de la Mort” (Big Bagel of Death).


The nuggets
Each question has 4 options, but only one correct answer. It’s not a speed quiz.

The Salt or Pepper
It’s a speed quiz. 3 categories are proposed, for example: “Cyril Hanouna, Hakuna Matata, or both?” followed by some options. Players must say whether the options fall into one or the other of the categories. Players who answer the fastest and with the correct answer earn the most points.

The menus
Players must answer a survey to decide which theme will be addressed in the questions. It’s not a speed quiz.

The bill
It is a speed quiz, with a category of questions like “It’s a character from Asterix and Obelix” and propositions related to it.

Example: Question “You might need it in case of an accident” – Answer: “Assurancetourix”.

Sudden death
It’s a speed quiz, with all categories mixed. Answer by True or False.

This session allows us to distinguish the strongest among you.

The Bagel of Death
The player with the most points after the 5 rounds will have to face the Bagel of Death. 10 questions will be asked to the player. They must memorize each answer and wait until the end of the 10th question to provide their answers in order. Whispering answers to the player is not allowed.


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