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Discover Parisian districts as a team

Creation of a digital cultural and discovery trail through the streets of Paris.


  • Competition
  • Collaboration
  • Discover

Duration of the activity:

  • Customized: 2h00 to 2h30



The challenge:

With City Express, discover and rediscover in an unusual way the iconic places of your city. An excellent activity to get some fresh air while having fun!

Experience this as a team while encountering the Templars in the Marais, with Napoleon on the Île Saint-Louis, in front of the Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre, and wherever you desire.

Solve a series of enigmas calling on individual and collective intelligence, as well as a variety of challenges: photos, videos, general knowledge questions, all adapted to your company’s challenges.

Ready for the adventure?

BIG NEWS: Discover the new City Express course at the Château de Versailles now! From the Hall of Mirrors to the French Gardens, and through the Orangery, develop your creativity and team spirit!

l’Île de la Cité
Meet Charles V, browse through the books in the Arsenal library, give a little nod to the Republican Guard, then join Napoleon. Then explore Square Barye, take some photos of the Hôtel-Dieu, and head towards Notre-Dame de Paris. A challenge rich in history!

The Marais
Start with the Cloister of Billettes, then quickly move on to the Marché des Blancs-Manteaux, cross Rue du Trésor, and dive into the anecdotes of the Marais neighborhood. You can also visit the Musée des Archives Nationales and the Centre Georges Pompidou.
A more than rewarding quest!

In the favorite district of the Eagles team, Montmartre, you might encounter the spirits of Dali, Picasso, or even Dalida. This area is known for its unique and romantic spots. Montmartre, with its hill, artists, and the famous Sacré Coeur, offers a colorful and unforgettable journey.

Orsay Museum
The big Staircase and walls of the Orsay Museum are filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Here, visitors can view the Statue of Liberty, encounter the works of Thomas Couture and Edouard Manet, meet various impressionist artists, and delve into the lives of prominent women depicted in the museum’s displayed works.
Experience a striking artistic journey!

Château de Versailles
This experience was launched in 2022 and has been a great success!
The Château de Versailles and its gardens are filled with countless wonders to discover, admire, and contemplate.
But enough talk, it’s time to take on your challenges! Brains, creativity, and speed are all essential!

Good Planet Express
Engage in this unique activity in the heart of one of the most impressive estates near Paris.
Directly connected to the environment, this activity will challenge your knowledge and creativity with questions and tasks not only in the park but also outside the estate’s boundaries.
The objective is, of course, to score as many points as possible through various challenges!

Forest Express
Interested in a journey through nature?
Eagles can organize this experience in the forest, woods, or garden of your choice. The challenges are both varied and enigmatic.
Will the fresh air help you in your thought process?

Eagles Team Experiences can design YOUR own City Express experience. Eagles Team Experiences offers the opportunity to explore your own premises, city, or neighborhood, whether in France or abroad, through their tailored City Express experiences. Tailor the questions to the topics of your company and projects – everything is possible!

The details

What is City express?


  • Raise awareness about CSR topics: disability, ecology, environment, and social issues – to be defined based on your strategic themes.
  • The fundamentals of any team-solving problem
  • The benefits of inter-team cooperation.
  • Trust between teams, an intangible resource with a significant impact on productivity.
  • Shared leadership for collective performance.
  • The components of collective intelligence.
  • Sharing roles based on talents and skills.

How it works

  • Participants are connected to an application that they have previously downloaded on their mobile phones.
  • After a quick briefing by the Host, participants wander through their City Express location guided by the GPS in their application in search of checkpoints and challenges. When they approach a checkpoint, it appears on their application, and they can then complete it.
  • Participants must consult with each other to respond to each challenge.
  • When a challenge is completed and validated, it disappears for the entire team.
  • Each challenge allows teams to earn points.
  • Participants are accompanied by runners who track the teams using their GPS location and are available in case of questions or technical issues.
  • Participants are also accompanied by Game Masters whom they can contact via live chat. (Game Masters and runners are in constant communication.)
  • At the end of the activity, participants are gathered to view all the photos and videos taken during the challenges (via a mini-site to which you have permanent access after your event), as well as the results of each team.
  • Option with Tablet: 60 euros exluding tax per team


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