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Comics Trip !?! Create your own digital comic book

Creativity, team cohesion and operational intelligence.


  • Entertainment
  • Creativity
  • Group cohesion

Duration of the activity:

  • 1h30 to 2h30



The challenge:

Become artists as a team by creating a comic strip using our tablet application. Phylactery, script and dialogue, comics are a complete, touching and accessible art form that will bring your participants together in an original creation.

You don’t know how to draw, but you’d like to bring your teams together for a unique artistic adventure? This innovative activity responds to your needs and calls exclusively on the creativity of your employees.

Thanks to an extremely easy-to-use digital interface, your teams can take photos and “comic-strip” them to create a story in one or two panels. They’ll be able to use nearby venues, as well as the props and/or costumes we provide.

After a final 15 minutes of layout, each team presents its work to the others. Through the humor, quirkiness and cartoonishness of their comics, your teams will be transported to a whole new mode of expression, a playground based on the principle of storytelling.

The details

What is the Comics Trip !?!?


  • The keys to project management
    in a team
  • Creative treatment of a theme
  • Shared leadership for collective performance.
  • The components of
    collective intelligence
  • The art of storytelling in the service of communication
  • Get to know others and work together on a common theme, using humor to tackle it.

How it works

  • The brief:
    Teams of 6 to 8 people will receive the following challenge:
    “You have been selected to take part in the Angoulême Comic Contest in the Corporate Digital Comic category. Their challenge: to create a comic strip using their creativity. Possible themes: a day at the company, a project they’re working on, the team in action… Here’s a non-exhaustive source of inspiration to get them thinking!
  • Members of each team share ideas on the theme to write their story pitch, script and storyboard. Accessories and disguises are available to enhance the authenticity and creativity of their collective work. Each member of the team finds his or her own role: script, photo shooter, prop maker, editor.
  • Teams take photos to illustrate their concept, then move on to design: choosing the filter that will “BDisera” their story, writing and integrating the bubbles.
  • The hosts will support the teams both technically and creatively throughout the activity.
  • Participants get together and discover each other’s comics. Each team presents its collective work in the form of a “One minute Pitch”.


For over 30 years, we have been helping teams to improve communication and strengthen cohesion. Whether you’re looking to rekindle your team’s bond, or you’re building a new team, we’re here to help and meet all your needs.