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Green City: Create the city of tomorrow as a team

Imagination, creativity, corporate social responsibility as a team and in groups.


  • Raising awareness of CSR issues
  • Creativity
  • Communication & Cooperation
  • Project management

Duration of the activity:

  • 2h30 to 3h00 with group debriefing



The challenge:

Participants work in teams to achieve their goal: build a model of tomorrow’s ideal city, taking into account the CSR issues of today and tomorrow.

Together, they will need to study and implement their project while adhering to 3 levels of development: city planning, construction, and inauguration.

Each team will have to create a part of the city and coordinate with other teams for the overall coherence of the final city. For this, each team will have one architect per team and a super-architect who will coordinate the entire city.

Participants will have access to a variety of materials to build their models: crepe paper, wooden sticks, trees, figurines (people, bicycles, public transport), coloured paper, models of houses and other buildings, modelling clay, etc.

At the end of the experiment, participants bring together the different areas of the city and celebrate their success. Sharing and conviviality guaranteed!

Green City is a fun, educational and responsible simulation experience. Participants develop a common vision, work as a team, and communicate with each other to establish an overall strategy. This activity develops creativity, stimulates project management and raises participants’ awareness of current societal and responsible issues: innovation and change management.

The details

What is Green city?


  • Imagine innovative solutions as a team and in groups.
  • Develop a common vision and establish a shared strategy
  • Take responsibility for protecting the planet, social happiness, mobility, access to culture and quality of life.
  • Managing team time
  • Working together to manage a joint project
  • Discover, in action, the impact of “intangible” resources on the production of a result.

How it works

  • The brief:
    A “storytelling” immerses participants in the “microworld” of urban planning, architecture, city organization, and the expectations of its residents.
  • In teams, participants envision an optimized city concept. They coordinate to divide up the different districts and define the general concept of their city around the following themes: mobility, protection of the planet, carbon footprint, social life, sport, culture, circular economy…
  • Each team presents its concept. An agreement is reached between the teams. Each team is responsible for the design and construction of two neighborhoods. Each person takes on a role within the teams.
  • Once the neighborhoods are completed, the teams embark on the assembly phase under the guidance of the grand architect.
  • This is the moment of inauguration, when each team describes the virtues of its concept and the quality of its materialization and execution.


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