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The Human Race: Around the world in 80 minutes

Experience an E-Travel as a team, an entertaining remote or face-to-face experience.


  • Team cohesion
  • Live a remote travel experience
  • Discovering cultures around the world

Duration of the activity:

  • 1h to 1h30



The challenge:

Each team starts in London and has 80 minutes to visit as many cities around the world as possible. Collect as many human heritage points as possible by completing challenges and trials.

Participants are divided into teams of 4. They have to visit as many cities as possible. At each stage, you’ll be able to talk to the locals, learn about their culture, complete tests and earn human heritage points.

The details

What is The Human Race?


  • Commitment to a common goal, a source of motivation
  • Sharing roles creates time
  • Good strategic team planning
  • A way to raise awareness of messages through content gamification
  • Each member’s commitment promotes team activity
  • Celebrating small victories builds champion morale
  • The right to make mistakes
  • Team communication and information exchange

How it works

  • The day before the event, the organizer receives an email to be forwarded to the participants a few hours before the event, indicating:
    The application to download,
    The videoconference participation link,
  • At the time of the event: participants connect via the videoconferencing system,
  • The coach briefs the participants, explaining the challenge ahead and some of the technical aspects of using the application,
  • The Game Master assigns participants by team to virtual “meeting rooms” via the videoconferencing system.
  • Teams go through the stages by consulting each other via zoom. They need to communicate with other team members to solve these challenges. They have between 1:00 and 1:30 to complete the challenge, and have to collect as many points as possible in that time, using strategy.
  • During this round-the-world trip, participants will have to make decisions and choices to reach their goal as quickly as possible, having gathered as much information as possible. To do this, they’ll have several routes from town to town at their disposal. Certain paths will be more or less costly, and this will also depend on the kitty you’ve built up.
  • Teams earn points through challenges.
  • They will have to face different tests: Photo/video, Augmented reality, Cultural riddles, Code deciphering (runes, Morse code, hieroglyphs), MCQs, Fun challenges (folk dancing, singing, accents), Puzzles, etc.
  • At the end of the game, all the participants gather in the main “room” for the debriefing led by the coach: the coach will collect the participants’ feelings, their experience during the game and finally give the team rankings.


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